Urquhart Castle

We had a great time at Urquhart Castle.We tried on replica armour,shoes and handled arrows, writing equipment,money.There was even a medieval chamber pot! We were taken round the castle for a guided tour and saw the gate house,where the constable stayed,a prison cell and the moat or dry ditch.We learned Urquhart Castle used to be the third largest castle in Scotland!

Looking closer

Today we went outside and looked for objects from nature.We used magnifying glasses or bug pots with magnifying lids to look at what we found.Then we drew a picture of the object using pastels.We worked in pairs and found petals,worm,ant,ladybird,a flower,sticks.This is an activity towards our RSPB silver award.

Planting for wildlife

This afternoon we planted some seeds to help attract butterflies.We planted rosemary and marjoram seeds in paper cups filled with topsoil then added a little water.We put a plastic bag over them and then wait for them to grow! When they’ve grown a bit we’ll put them in to a pot or tub outside.These herb plants produce lots of flowers which butterflies like to feed on for their nectar.

Smelly cocktails

This week we’ve been looking at using our senses.We thought about what we could see,hear,smell and feel outside in an area of the school grounds.Today we concentrated on our sense of smell.We collected petals of flowers,leaves and put them in a paper cup.After this we added some water and stirred or mashed the contents together. Finally we smelled our cocktails and talked about how they smelled.Some smelled sweet- like apples,roses, others like grass,vanilla,elderflower or spices!

Animal habitats

This afternoon we went outside to find different places in our school grounds where wildlife could live.We worked in pairs and circled or tucked if we found these places in the playground. Earlier we made a pictorial map of the school grounds to help us.We tried gently shaking a branch on to a white sheet of paper to see if any insects were living in the trees or bushes.One ot two flew out! We found a spider web in the hedge but no spiders were at home!