Our own pumpkin patch! — 2021/22 ~ Primary3/4/5 ~ Miss MacDonald

The Gardening Skills group enjoyed harvesting our pumpkins today! We are so proud of our giant and tiny pumpkins! They are being stored safely until after the holidays! Thanks very much to Loch Ness Pumpkins for donating the seeds!

Our own pumpkin patch! — 2021/22 ~ Primary3/4/5 ~ Miss MacDonald

Rounding numbers

On Tuesday we used cards to help us play a rounding game with a partner.We used the cards aces-nines and each picked 2 cards.We made 2 possible 2 digit numbers using our 2 cards,then used all 4 cards to make different 2 digit numbers.After we’d made all our 2 digit numbers we rounded all the 2 digit numbers we’d made to the nearest 10.


Pupil profiles have gone home today. I hope you enjoy looking through the red Profile folder and blue Profile jotter.The children have been very busy working with these this week.Well done to them all!Could you please return these to school by Tuesday 5 October next week.We will need them to work in on Wednesday.Thank you.

P.E.in the sun!

This afternoon we went outside for P.E. in the glorious sunshine! To warm up we played the ” Video Game.” If I say fast forward- children run forward ,rewind- run backwards,pause- freeze on the spot,slow motion- as the word says and record- pull a funny face. After that we played “Red light,Green light”,” The Name Chase Game” and “Object Pick Up.”We were all glad of our water bottles during and after P.E.Well done everyone!

Model magic

P2/3 have been really enjoying making models during our “Soft Start “and wanted to show you our fantastic models made from Kiddie K- nex and Halo. I was very proud of how well they shared the materials and worked together to make their models

Newsletter update

Apologies if you are unable to access the newsletter.I think if you go on to the main school web site and on to Class Blogs,then P2/3,you should be able to download it by clicking on the top left side on the 3 horizontal lines and then Class newsletters at the top of the blog.

Great job P2/3!

Today the class were practising their letter formation. We practised writing letters with our fingers on a partner’s back,on our hands,using bus letters and on our whiteboards. We needed to remember to start at the top when writing our letters.We had lots of lovely,well formed letters.Well done P2/3!